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How do I manually enter transactions?

My bank will not let me download transactions beyond 1 year.  I need to enter transactions for Jan 1st-Jan 20th 2013.

How can I manually enter these?


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How do I manually enter transactions?

manually enter an entire bank statement
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How do I manually enter transactions?

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How do I manually enter transactions?

manual transaction entry
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How do I manually enter transactions?

Hey there, mollymremax!

Oh man, I'm really sorry your bank doesn't make those transactions available for you to download! I wish I could wave a magic wand and bring all that data in for you. If you need to manually create your transactions, you definitely can. You can get started by clicking the Create (+) at the top of your Home screen and choosing one of the options from the dropdown. If you want to enter sales, you can either enter your Invoices or Sales Receipts to maintain customer balances, or you can just enter Bank Deposits to get the financial information in quickly. To create "money out" transactions in which you've paid someone else, you'll want to either create a Check or an Expense. You can choose the Vendor you paid, and enter the amounts and accounts for the transactions.

Don't worry! It's really easy, and this is great practice and there's no better way to learn QuickBooks Online. Just entering data teaches you how to use the program! :) Glad I could help you find what you needed today!

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