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How do I print a blank invoice

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How do I print a blank invoice

Hey there, @jspa1125.


I have some clarification to provide on your question regarding blank invoices. At this time, QuickBooks Online only prints invoices that have at least one line item assigned. Do you mind informing me what purpose the blank invoice will serve? With this information, I may be able to suggest a better alternative to help you achieve your goal.


In the meantime, I'm preparing a feedback report on this matter to be sent to our Development Team. They value the opinions of all QuickBooks users and often use this input when deciding on future updates and additions.


If you need a crude workaround for immediate use, I was able to create a very basic blank invoice by exporting the form and editing it outside of QuickBooks. Here's what I did:


Editing an exported invoice

  1. From QuickBooks Online, navigate to the Sales tab and the All Sales section.
  2. Find any invoice form and click to open it. Select Print or Preview at the bottom of the form.
  3. On the Preview screen, click Download (↓) to receive a PDF copy of the invoice.
  4. Open the new PDF file in an image software to remove whatever data you need. I did this by opening it in Microsoft Paint and placing white boxes over unwanted information.

Attached you'll find a quick video example in which I export a previewed invoice:


Doing this will at least provide you a blank framework from which you can at least build a more structured form. Lastly, check out our collection of free invoice templates to see if any of these will better serve the purpose you're seeking. Please reach out to me here should you need any further assistance, I'm always available to talk QuickBooks. Thanks for dropping in and take care.

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How do I print a blank invoice

Hi there,

I also need a blank invoice. A large department store retailer has asked me to provide a BLANK invoice to them in order to start working with them. I have actually had a couple different retailers ask for this. I have no idea why they need a blank one, probably just for reporting purposes. 

How do I print a blank one? Your solution in your message above did not work. It keeps telling me there's an error and I need at least one line item in there to get started. And then when I add the line item but try to keep the quantity blank it also says there's an error and I need to enter a quantity of product. 

Very frustrating. Can you please let me know how to print/ download a blank invoice? 
Thank you!


Vanessa Williams


How do I print a blank invoice

Welcome aboard to the Community, @VSW.


I can see how beneficial printing a blank invoice to your business. Right now, this feature unavailable in QuickBooks Online.


I can pass along another feature request on your behalf to ensure your voice is heard. For now, you can visit our blog and sign up to our Newsletter.


By doing so, you’ll receive email updates about any changes in the product. Our developers make improvements based on customer feedback, so it makes a huge impact.


We take customer’s suggestion as an opportunity to guide us on which area of the product we need to improve on. To keep you in the loop about the latest features being rolled out, visit the QuickBooks Blog page.

If there’s anything else I can help you with, click the Reply button and post a comment. I’ll be right here ready to help you. Have a good one.

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How do I print a blank invoice

I also have a need for blank invoices.  This helps with using Zapier to automate steps between QuickBooks and Salesforce for generating and updating invoice line items.

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How do I print a blank invoice

I have to do this with some clients as well.


First, I include the clients name and address since I am writing the invoice out to the them.

Then I proceed with the following:

- In the Invoice# field fill in as "SAMPLE".

- Then fill in one line item with an item description of "SAMPLE INVOICE. AMOUNTS NOT DUE" and mark the amount as 1 cent.

- Then view the invoice as to either print or download depending on how you wish to send the invoice in.

- Then delete the sample invoice from Quickbooks.


I haven't had any issues with any of my clients by doing it this way.

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