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How do I "receive payment" to open invoices that were paid with a wire transfer? When I "receive payment" to the invoices, it creates a 2nd deposit in the bank register.

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Re: How do I "receive payment" to open invoices that were paid with a wire transfer? When I "rece...

The Community has your back, @wdcsliz.


I have just the steps you'll need to rid of that duplicate transaction. It sounds like the original deposit was created by adding it from the Bank Feed. Since the payment was received via wire transfer, and you therefore had to Receive Payment manually to record it, this item will need to flow through Undeposited Funds to properly match to the bank item. I'll guide you through doing this below:


Undo the Bank Feed deposit

  1. From QuickBooks Online, navigate to the Banking tab and click Go to Register.
  2. Find the duplicate deposits, and click the one with the green boxes in the Status ✓ column (representing that it came from the bank feed).
  3. Select Delete. This will send the item back to the For Review section of your Banking screen.

Modify the wire transfer Receive Payment

  1. From the same screen, click the remaining deposit and select Edit.
  2. Under Deposit to, make sure Undeposited Funds is selected.
  3. Click Save and close. This will un-assign the deposit from the bank account so it can recreated and then matched to the bank item.

Redeposit and match the payment

  1. From the Dashboard, click the Plus (+) icon and select Bank Deposit.
  2. Look for the wire transfer under Select the payments included in this deposit and check it off. Also check off any additional payments that comprise the bank deposit we'll be matching to, verify the amount, and click Save and close.
  3. Navigate back to the Banking tab and for the For Review section. The wire transfer payment should offer the Match option, which will pair the bank item with the manual deposit and prevent duplicates in the bank register.

You can find an extensive guide on adding and matching downloaded bank transactions here, or check out the detailed video tutorial below:


With these instructions, you'll have that wire transfer payment received and recorded in no time. Please keep in touch with me here should you need any additional assistance, I'm always around to lend a hand. Thanks for dropping in, wishing you a very happy New Year.

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