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How to change a sub contractor to vender

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How to change a sub contractor to vender

Hi @rightchoiceconst,


Currently, QuickBooks doesn't have an option to change a name, like from a sub-contractor to a vendor. But I've got a workaround for you.


If your sub-contractor doesn't have any transactions yet, you can consider deleting and creating it as vendor.


Here's how to delete a sub-contractor:

  1. Go to Workers, then Contractors.
  2. Select the name of the subcontractor.
  3. Under the Name drop-down menu, choose Mark as inactive.

However, if has transactions already, you'll have to inactive it, then create a new as a vendor with a slightly different name. For example:

  • David E. Brown
  • David Brown

Please follow the same steps above in inactivating your sub contractor.


Feel free to get back to us here in the Community if you have any other concerns.

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