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How to record Per Diem

I'm a single member LLC and received per diem from a company that I'm working for. How do I record this per diem in my company's quickbook account? I record my expenses while traveling that the per diem is covering but they are not associated with the per diem I have received. Should I assign some of those costs to the per diem I'm receiving? 

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How to record Per Diem

You get the per diem regardless of your expenses so no need to tie them together. And you doybtless do not otherwise get reimbursed for tge expenses. Just use a Sales Receipt with a service item for per diem that posts to income. And make sure you give the company you work for a proper W9 with your LLC name and number

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How to record Per Diem

I was looking for months how to do this on Quickbooks but happens that Per Diems are NOT taxable and SHOULD'T be considered as an income. IRS requires the employee to fill an expense report to the employer. I guess now I have to find a way to create an Expense Report on quickbooks so I can record it properly.

Here is the IRS link for per diems:



john hill
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How to record Per Diem

The question is how to record per diem, not what is per diem.

Per Diem is an EXPENSE to the company and unless the company wants to pay taxes on the per diem it needs to be expensed


The question, still unanswered, what is the "Tax Line" for per diem.

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How to record Per Diem

I'm not sure, but here is what I'm going to do. 

1) either delete or check the Ignore item in the transaction details for any Actual expenses that show up in transactions (for Meals and sundry items), like from my business credit card. 

2) Create an Expense 'Transaction' for the Per Diem for meals (Apparently you still only get 50% deduction for meals even using Per Diem) and sundry items (there's another name for this Per Diem but I don't remember)

3) Leave Hotel expenses as you aren't suppose to use Per Diem for hotels. 

4) Leave Airline and other travel related expense as Travel Expenses. 


I think it's allowed for Self Employed to use Per Diem for Meals rather than filing with receipts for actuals.  Quickbooks for Self Employed should make this clear and maybe a little Easier.  Comment if you see anything wrong with my approach. 

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How to record Per Diem

I've been specifically looking for this information and keep getting answers to a different question. I'm hoping this works.  Did it work for you?

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