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How To Run a Materials Spent By Job

Hi Guys/Girls!


So I have a big issue, so I have to run a report, however, someone wants it very specific. He wants me to run a Materials Spent by Job# however he wants a report viewing the total Amount of item we used from a certain Period.


For Example: 

Job#111     Open: 01/01/2019   Closed: 01/05/2019 

Part# BEB1122           Items Used to Build: ABC, 1pcs & DEF, 2pcs

Let's say we send 1 Part# every day to our customer. so 5 days 5 pieces.


So he wants the report to show like this from the Date it was open to the day it was closed.

Job:          Part#               Items          Per Piece          Total QTY

111        BEB1122           ABC                  1                           5 

                                           DEF                  2                          10


I do Build The Part# under Build Assembly, however, It only tells me to write the Part# which we are building, give it an assembly number, and write down the QTY we are building and assign it out. After that, it will automatically take out the items within our inventory, but it doesn't keep track for a specific job number. I do notice I can adjust the items out and assign it to a specific Job#, am  I suppose to do that? It does record it for a specific job#.

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How To Run a Materials Spent By Job

Good day, @JeanPyer.


Thank you for posting again in the Community. I appreciate you telling us about the details of the report you need to run. I'm here to help share some information about running this specific report.


In QuickBooks Desktop, we can run a Build Assembly Transaction Detail Report, however, we can't track the specific job number. Please see attached screenshot below.




For more information about the different reports that cater your business, you can check out this helpful article:


It would be a great add to our features if we have this particular report in QuickBooks Desktop. I'd recommend sending this as a suggestion to our Product Developers. Just go to Help menu, then select Send Feedback Online and click Product Suggestion.


When you mean adjust the items, did you create an invoice for that separate item and assign it to a specific job? If so, I'd suggest contacting our Desktop Care Support to further check if we can do that. This may depend on the type of business you have. Our support can access your account in a secure environment and verify if you can use that as an option to pull up the specific report you want.


Here's how to get their contact information:


  1. Go to:
  2. Choose your QuickBooks Product.
  3. Select your QuickBooks Version.
  4. On the Contact Us page, click a topic.
  5. Click on the Get Phone Number button to see the support number.

Keep me posted how it goes. I'll be here to help if you have other questions.





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How To Run a Materials Spent By Job

An Assembly Item, the same as any inventory item, is not Job Tracked. It's not direct and unique, but Stocked in anticipation of sales to the job or use on the job. So, the function of Inventory = having it on hand and ready.


Then, later, you Sell it, or you use Adjust inventory and in this screen you Job Track that this is relieved from stock directly for a specific job but not being Sold to that job.


The Build Assembly is Not the Job tracked stage. This is the Creation Stage.


For Noninventory two-sided items, you job track them at the time of the purchase. For inventory, which includes Assembly Item on hand, not the Build phase but Now available, that is the Sale or the Adjustment function, that creates the Costing event.


You will see this on the Job Cost reports, as long as you remove the Account filter that is "ordinary income/expense" to see Job Profitability Detail, for instance, include the adjustment in Costs.


Please see my attached Job Cost report.

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How To Run a Materials Spent By Job

Hi LilyC!


To answer your question that's a yes & no. 


We create an invoice and assign the invoice to a specific job number. That's pretty common, into Customer > New Customer & Job > Hit New Job or New Customer.  The customer can order 100PCS for Job#123 but wants 50PCS per month along with the invoice, so we send 2 invoices and those 2 invoices will be for job#123.


Adjusted the items out we go into Inventroy Adjustment and for some reason, this gives me the options to write down a specific job number and shows within that job number reports. 


In Build Assembly this does not give me that option, only option it gives me is just to write down the Part# however we have for example 20 different jobs using that Part# that we build and sell. So I had a feeling that that request they asked for is impossible to complete that's why I came here hoping for a solution. 

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How To Run a Materials Spent By Job

You are confusing two different Concepts:


Assembly item is an Inventory item. That means the value is in Asset. When you Build it from components on hand, which are in Asset, you didn't Change Anything financially. You changed Stuff into different Stuff. That's why there is no Job Tracking this. This is Inventory = Inventory. I take 4 legs, a Back and a Base and make a Chair.


Later, I sell the chairs. Now this is the Financial transaction that has to do with Customers and Sales and invoices or sales receipts. Or, I quoted that I would completely outfit your Dining room for $xx and you signed the Fixed Rate Contract. So, once I know we have made all the chairs and the table, I would Charge you the Contract fee, and use Adjust, to Relieve from stock the chairs and that table and Job Track that these were not Sold to you as Details, but Removed to fulfill your Contract Bid Fee.


You don't Job Track the Build, because you needed to make the products available First, before you can even have a Sale.


You can Justify the Build, by showing evidence that a Customer Order exists. And think about this: there might be 5 customers needing 100 each of that Product. That's why the Build is for 500; the Sales Order shows each of the 5 customers, their info, required delivery date, etc.


You are trying to attach two Steps into One, but they exist separately. One is not Changing the financials; Build Assembly is not a Customer Activity. It is an Operational Activity to provide what is needed for Customers, as the Fulfillment step, which is Later.


And I showed Job Reporting will include the cost from the Build; because that is the Basis on Hands of the item Built, and then Sold to the customer. It doesn't matter if you sold it or adjusted it to relieve it from stock; that Movement carries Basis or Cost with it. That is reportable, because the Sale or the Adjustment is where you Job Tracked it.

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How To Run a Materials Spent By Job

Hi qbteachmt,


I know what you're saying and I am aware of that. I am also aware that in the report the Job# will tell me the cost of materials or inventory however way you wanna put it, I have also done that report. 


How you are suggesting it that's too much to work unless you can make it smaller. We have over 300 jobs,  you are saying  "5 customers needing 100 each of that Product. That's why the Build is for 500; the Sales Order shows each of the 5 customers" that's easy math solving, however, we have over 300 jobs, each job uses different or the same materials.


Like my question (thanking LilyC for Answering) my bosses wanted a report for each Specific Job Number, and how many pieces of materials we used to build it.

QuickBooks Team

How To Run a Materials Spent By Job

Hello there, @JeanPyer.


I appreciate you responding in this thread and adding more details.


As mentioned by LilyC, your request to run a report for each Specific Job Number with the material used to build it is currently unavailable. However, I have personally forwarded your feedback to our Product Development team. There are many other customers, just like you, who would benefit from this idea.


Your feedback helps us decide which features to implement into the product. I suggest you send your feedback too:

  1. Click the Help menu bar.
  2. Scroll down to Send Feedback Online.
  3. Select Product Suggestion.
  4. Choose Product Suggestion for the Type of Feedback.
  5. Product Area is optional.
  6. Enter your suggestion.
  7. Click Send Feedback.

Of course, you can always drop by here in the Community for any questions you need help with. Have a good one.

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How To Run a Materials Spent By Job

In case anyone is here from QBO (happens to the best of us), then I'd recommend you actually find yourself a dedicated manufacturing app like Katana to help with tracking your assemblies.


Basically means you can track product recipes, manufacturing costs, inventory and production in a specialized platform, and then push invoices/bills to your QBO account. 

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