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I have a extremely long invoice & i am not able to send it it keeps telling me something is not right

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QuickBooks Team

I have a extremely long invoice & i am not able to send it it keeps telling me something is not right

I've got some information on this matter that I'm sure you'll find helpful, @paulycpa.


Due the web-based nature of QuickBooks Online, a single form can only display or hold as much information at once as your browser can support. This means that if you have too much information in one Invoice, it can cause serious performance loss, crashes, or errors like the one you're seeing. Before troubleshooting that, I recommend clearing your browser's temporary cache files to ensure there are no issues there.

Web-based platforms like QBO collect cache files (cookies) to save you time when loading repetitive data and images. These files can often become outdated or corrupted, causing issues like this one. Clearing them out may allow you to properly send the item, the steps below will help you do so in all supported browsers:


Clearing Temporary Cache Files

If the Invoice still won't send after doing this, it's likely there's too much information for QuickBooks Online (QBO) to process at one time. Check out our thorough guide on QBO data limits for more information.


You'll need to split the items on the Invoice into two separate transactions and try saving again. Rest assured, once you've done and this and created separate Payments, they can be batched into a single Bank Deposit to keep things properly paired. This article on creating bank deposits is sure to be of assistance.


Using these instructions, entering and sending that extremely large invoice will be a breeze. Please keep in touch with me here should you need any additional assistance, I'll be more than happy to lend a hand. Thanks for reaching out and have a phenomenal rest of your week.

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