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I need a rep to call me asap or contact via email. My bill has went up substantially in the last year and I am considering changing services. I

Bill has increased from under 90 to 117. 

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QuickBooks Team

Hi jncsystems, I'd feel the same way if my subscription b...

Hi jncsystems,

I'd feel the same way if my subscription bill increases. This can be a huge factor that affects your business. Let me share with you a few things about price increase.

Since we're looking for new ways to make sure that QuickBooks meets your needs, that's the reason why there's a slight increase.

We do this to maintain the level of the quality of our product. The increase is tied up to your product enhancements and future product development that can help your business needs. 

I have this link in case you have other questions about QuickBooks Online (QBO): Account Management.

Keep me posted if you need anything else. I'm always right here to help.

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