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Income is inflated due to the fact that Clover Sales are duplicated in the income portion of the P & L. How do I fix this?

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Income is inflated due to the fact that Clover Sales are duplicated in the income portion of the P & L. How do I fix this?

Hello there, mkr7,


If you are using online banking and automatic sync feature this creates duplicate transaction entries. To avoid this, you can match the bank feeds transactions to the transactions synced from Clover.


Here's how: 

  1. From the left menu, select Banking.
  2. On the Bank and Credit Card window, select the For Review tab.
  3. Locate a transaction with one or more possible matches to review.
    • One match found - The matching transaction appears in the CATEGORY OR MATCH column.
    • Multiple matches found - You must open the transaction row to review the possible matches.
  4. For transactions matched with a:
    • Single Record - If the match is correct from the Action column, select Match, to accept.
    • Multiple Records - From the Action column, select View to open the transactions row. Review the possible matches listed under Records found, then select the correct one and select Match to accept.
  5. If the possible match are incorrect, select the transaction to open it, then select Find other records to open the Match transaction window. Search for other possible matches.
  6. The transactions you matched are moved from the For Review tab to the In QuickBooks tab, then are marked as matched.


For the transactions already recorded in QuickBooks, you can undo the process by following these steps:


  1. On the Banking page, select the In QuickBooks tab.
  2. Locate the transaction.
  3. From the Action column, select Undo.

To undo multiple transactions at once, you can select the checkboxes for all of the transactions and select Undo Selected from the Batch Actions drop-down menu.

The transaction is moved from the In QuickBooks tab to the For Review tab where you can select it and assign an account for it from the drop-down list in the Category or Match field.



If you manually recorded the transactions you can void or delete them by following there steps in this article.


Let me know how it goes.





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