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Corey F
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Inventory allocation

I would like the ability to allocate inventory to a job once the sales order has been produced. We are a manufacturing facility that produces items using raw materials from the inventory.  Right now, we are overselling the raw material on hand.  We put in several sales orders per day and by the time they get produced, we don't have enough raw materials to produce them because the raw material isn't being allocated to the sales orders.  Please help.

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Inventory allocation

Good day, Corey F.


Let's allocate inventory to a job by creating inventory or items. To create an inventory, follow the steps below:


  1. Go to Sales, then Products and services.
  2. Select New.
  3. Fill in the necessary information.
  4. Click Save and close.

Here's an article to learn more about adding inventory items in QBO: Add inventory products in QuickBooks Online.


You'll want to visit this article about setting up and tracking your inventory: Set up and track your inventory in QuickBooks Online.


Then, you can create a transaction (sales order) using the item you created so you can link the item to the job.


Please know that we're always here if you have other questions or concerns; so don't hesitate to reach out. Thanks for dropping by and I wish you have a nice day ahead.

Fiat Lux - ASIA
Level 15

Inventory allocation

@Corey F 

Are you using QBO or QBD?

Corey F
Level 1

Inventory allocation


Corey F
Level 1

Inventory allocation

Thank you. I will review the articles. I appreciate you so much. 

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