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B Heider
Level 1

Inventory Stock Status By Item

When I run the "Inventory Stock Status By Item report"  I am not getting a indicator to fulfill order requirements.  Do I have a setting set up wrong?


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QuickBooks Team

Inventory Stock Status By Item

Hello, B Heider.


Here's the fix on how to get the indicator under the Order column. 


It looks like the Reorder Point (Min) box has no populated value. When this happens, the Order column will not be checked. To fix this, you'll want to go to the item's settings and add a value in the box. 


Here's how: 


  1. Go to List, then select Item List
  2. Find and select the item by double-clicking on it. 
  3. Enter a value in the Reorder Point (Min) box.
  4. Click OK




If you've imported those items, you can batch edit them by copy and pasting the values under the Reorder point column: 


  1. In the Item List window, click the Excel button, then choose Paste from Excel.
  2. Under List, ensure it is set to Inventory Parts.
  3. Scroll to the side and find the REORDER PT (MIN) column.
  4. Paste or enter the values on the column. 
  5. Once done, click Save changes




Here's what the report will look like after making the changes: 




Ready to use your items for sales? You can check the guides here if you need help recording your sales transactions: QuickBooks Enterprise articles for sales and customers (more help topics at the bottom of the page). 


I'll show you a thing or two again if you need help with other tasks or processes in QuickBooks Enterprise. Just post here and I'll reply to you as soon as possible. 


B Heider
Level 1

Inventory Stock Status By Item


I agreed with your fix if I wanted to stock that item in my inventory.  In this case the item is not stocked and ordered as needed.  So when I need 1 then I order 1 so it is short since I have zero available.  Why is this report not driven by demand?



B Heider
Level 1

Inventory Stock Status By Item

now that I have zero in the minimum - the report is ordering everything with no orders


Level 2

Inventory Stock Status By Item

Try using -1 as your reorder point

Level 2

Inventory Stock Status By Item

Try setting your re-order point to -1

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