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Inventory valuation report showing different values


  I pull an inventory valuation report to reconcile our production items each month. I pulled the report dated 2/29 a couple weeks ago and used that to reconcile. I pull the report today and it shows me different on hand quantities for some of the items. Shouldn't these reports match if they are both dated 2/29? It's my understanding that is the inventory on hand as of that date. Nothing was updated for those items using February dates, after I pulled the report the first time. Thank you

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QuickBooks Team

Inventory valuation report showing different values

Hi Saratgu,


When using QuickBooks Desktop or Point of Sale POS, the values in these reports will not automatically transfer unless you import the items in QuickBooks to POS. The Inventory Valuation report in Point of Sale gives you more accurate data since this is where you manage and track your inventory.


Here are some of the reasons why reports doesn't reconcile.

  • Inventory setup is incorrect.
  • Inventory Management Process is incorrect.
  • Entered adjustments in QuickBooks Desktop and POS.
  • Transactions under Inventory Asset that do not have inventory items.
  • Active inventory items in QuickBooks Desktop

Please check this article why both reports aren't the same: Inventory Valuation Amounts in Point of Sale and QuickBooks Desktop Do Not Match.


For your future reference, you can also set your report preference in QuickBooks:Understand Reports.


If there 's anything else that you want us to help, let me know so I can get back to you.

Level 2

Inventory valuation report showing different values

Sorry, I should have clarified this report was pulled from POS both times. None of our inventory is housed in QB. 



Inventory valuation report showing different values

@Saratgu  Thank you for that information.


If you're finding the numbers on your reports aren't adding up, I would recommend reaching out to the point of sales team so they can review your account and find what is causing the discrepancy in reporting.


This link will take you to the QuickBooks support page, where you can select your service and the proper contact channel: Contact Support


Come back if you need additional help.

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