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invoice not show in Expense account report.

Hi everyone,

I have sue : When I opened invoice for material expense in Construction account always show invoice in it with negative like picture I attached . But I don't know why in a month ago All invoices which I opened hasn't shown in account. 

What should I do? Please help me. Thank you so much

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invoice not show in Expense account report.

I'm here to make sure that your invoices will show in your report, @KieuOttley.


You can check the accounting basis of the report that you've pulled up if it's a cash or accrual basis reporting and make sure that the reporting period is correct. The difference between cash basis and accrual basis reporting is how the date is determined for reporting the income or expense.


Please note that, with invoices and received payment, the revenue information is contained in the invoice. The cash basis reports will use the payment date for reporting revenue/expense, and the accrual basis reports will use the invoice/bill date.


Here's how:


  1. Click the Reports menu.
  2. Open the Profit and Loss report.
  3. Select Customize.
  4. On the Customize report window, set Accounting Method to how you want the income/expense reported.
  5. Select Run report.


For more details, see this article: Why are my income and expense transactions missing from my Profit and Loss report?


Also, you can verify if the product info is correctly assigned to the expense account. Just in case you want to change the item type for a product or service in the future, you can read this article for the detailed steps and information: Change product and service item types in QuickBooks Online.


I've added these articles that will help you run reports in QuickBooks:



Keep in touch if you need any more assistance with this, or there's something else I can do for you. I've got your back. Take good care, @KieuOttley.

Level 1

invoice not show in Expense account report.


Level 1

invoice not show in Expense account report.

Thank you so much but the answers doesn't help much. I figure out by my self. When I categorized transaction and click to billable. All expense will be shown in all sale and I click to open invoice in right button to open invoice. The problems is when I opened invoice view and description for product/ services , all expense will show billed but in QuickBooks account not show any invoice which I opened. 

 To solve this problem : When open invoice , you only should add expense and don't add anything more in ( Product and services ) column .



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