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Invoicing for Rental House

Hi All!


I need help, I'm new with quickbooks. We are a rental house company. We invoice clients on a per-qty-per-day basis. For example, a client rented 2 cameras for 2 days. If our price for the camera is $50 per qty per day, total invoice amount should be $200 for 2 days rental. How can I make the invoice showing the Qty x Rate x # of days Rented?



Please advise.


Thank you in advance.




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Invoicing for Rental House

you should have a service type item for the camera, rate is 50


use that item on an invoice or sales receipt, qty is number of days rented

use it again for the second camera


or if you usually rent two at one time, create an item for two cameras  with a rate of 100


or you could use a bundle item

list the camera item, and a qty of two

then on the invoice or sales receipt for the bundle qty enter the number of days rented

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Invoicing for Rental House

Thank you!

Nico de Klerk
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Invoicing for Rental House

Hi Rustler,


I am in a similar situation, however your solution will not work for me.

I do multiple quotations and Invoices per day and the quantity of a rented item varies on all of them.



Invoice 1: 2 x Audio Speaker for 3 Days

Invoice 2: 1 x Audio Speaker for 1 Day

Invoice 3: 7 x Audio Speaker for 2 Days


I cannot make a product listing for each variable rental quantity for a thousand different items.


Any suggestions?




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Invoicing for Rental House

@Nico de Klerk


I understand your issues, but you have to work within the confines of the software as intuit wrote it.  The options I listed are all there is

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