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when entering qty, cost, and amount (amount is a calculation) when the total amount is pennies off from statement QB automatically adjusts the price to make the equation work.


The issue- the vendor statement rounds the qty to 2 decimal places so when entering the data the total actual cost in QB can be off a couple pennies. When manually adjusting the cost to correct amount the default QB adjustment is to the price. We need it to be the qty- these are quantities actually billed out - go out to 4 decimal places.  If I go backward it does not fix the issue!!!  How do I change how qb chooses what to adjust?  Been a pain for many years and multiple versions of QB.


to clarify what I'm doing- we're farmers and track fuel, fertilizer, chemicals, other inputs by type, qty and amount using items.  We also use classes for tracking fields, crops, cattle etc.   

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RE: When manually adjusting the cost to correct amount the default QB adjustment is to the price. 


So, instead, adjust the total Amount, and QB will change the price/cost so that the equation balances.


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I want to change the qty NOT price which is what QB defaults to changing!!!!!


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No no no 

On the ITEM tab of the check register- the other tab is Expenses


Want to have the QTY change not the price which is what QB defaults to.  If I manually enter the total amount AND the price it leaves the QTY blank and makes both the price and Total amount the exact same number- therefore you can not do this equation in reverse  solving for the QTY.


If I manually adjust the amount I want the adjustment to be QTY not  price.

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Hi there, @LadyFarmer.


Let me join the conversation.


In addition to BigRedConsulting's response, currently, we're unable to adjust the quantity by changing the amount.


Also, if the cost or price isn't set up to calculate for each item, it will cause both of it to have the same value.


The cost and price of the item vary on the inventory set up. To change it, you can go to the List menu and choose the Item List. You can double-click the item to update the setting.


I'll add this article as your reference to learn more about updating item lists in QuickBooks: Add, edit, and delete items. It covers how to create multiple inventory items and answers to frequently asked questions.


Just in case you wanted to make an inventory adjustment and you need a reference, you can check this article for the detailed steps: Adjust your inventory quantity or value in QuickBooks Desktop.


Please let me know if you have more questions. I'm always here to help. Take care! 

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