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job profitability Report

I'm trying to customize the job profitability report so that I can see all of the parts by a class is this possible to do? I created a class on the PO but I can't seem to customized the job profitability report to show the class. 

This is a construction company and we want to divide up the parts by an area example 1st floor parts, second floor parts .... so I'm not sure if using class would be the right way to do this any suggestions?


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QuickBooks Team

job profitability Report

That's a great idea, neadpa.


Yes, you can personalize your Job Profitability report to show all the parts by class. We just need to click the Columns drop-down option and choose Class. Like this:



I'm also adding this article in case you'd want to save this type of report and use it in the future: Create, access and modify memorized reports.


Please don't hesitate to post in the Community for any concerns about reports in QuickBooks Desktop. I'll be around if you need help. Have a good one.

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job profitability Report

I tried doing that but the report won't print it says the report requested is too large and can't be displayed. Do you have any ideas how to fix this I only need the class to show on the parts portion of the report and I only want to split it up in 5 areas

QuickBooks Team

job profitability Report

Hi there, @neadpa.


Let me help you print the Job Profitability report in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT). 


When generating a report, you may see a message at the bottom of your screen that says the following "Report too large to display". This happens when you generate a report that exceeds its size limit. 


It could be that the number of classes you wanted to show is more than the report could generate. You can filter its date range to control the amount of data you can display in the program.


Simply open the Job Profitability Detail report and select Custom in the Dates drop-down list. Then, enter the dates range. Once done, you can now print the report. Just click the Print button and select Report, then Print.

To get more details, check out this article: How to Customize Reports in QBDT.


Let me know if you need further assistance with this. I'm always around to provide answers and clarifications to your questions. Have a great day ahead and take care.

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