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Labor costs

I'm using the TSheets App to track time for my 12 employees. I then import all the time sheets into QBO and run payroll from this. I need to track the labor costs so that when I run the Income by customer report it correctly reflects the profitability of each project. As is, the report will only track materials or other expenses that are assigned to each job. Is it possible for QBO to track the Labor cost the the project?


Labor costs

I know a report that can help you track the employee's labor costs, HahnElec.

Right now, tracking an employee's labor costs through a Project is not possible. You can run the Time Activities by Employee Detail report and filter it to show the billable time. After you're done calculating the time manually, you can then add it as a labor cost when paying an employee.

Here's how:

  1. Click Reports on the left panel.
  2. Type Time Activities by Employee Detail in the search box.
  3. Click the Customize button in the upper right-hand corner.
  4. Maximize the Filter section.
  5. Check the box for Billable, and then select Billable.
  6. Click Run report.

I'd also suggest sending feedback to our developers about tracking labor costs in the Projects feature. You can share your thoughts and suggestions through this link:

I'll be around if you have more questions. Thanks for dropping by.

Level 11

Labor costs

"Is it possible for QBO to track the Labor cost the the project?"


Currently, it's not possible in QBO yet.


This is a known issue with the QBO Project function. Currently, QBO Payroll does not have customer/project feature (like the Payroll Item List on the Desktop). Even with App like TSheets with Project entries, it will not come over to the QBO Project.


Since QBO Project comes with a very basic function at this time, the workaround is also very limited when it comes to tracking the payroll cost by projects which could be the main cost element of the project in many business models.

Level 1

Labor costs

Incredible flaw that I discovered after conversion. Tsheets does have a report that allocates costs but its a lame workaround. The really frustrating part is that the data that was imported from QB 2018 desktop payroll has all the necessary data for job-costing. I can pull a job-costing report from withing QB Online for the period prior to the changeover.

The data that is entered in Tsheets and QB Online has all the info necessary for job costing. The software is not up to the task. 

Level 1

Labor costs

Tsheets has a report that will approximate costs. It is a poor solution though.


From Tsheets Reports>Tracking>Employee Job Costing

Report Dates>Custom>Filter By Customer>Filter to Customer

Level 11

Labor costs



"The data that is entered in Tsheets and QB Online has all the info necessary for job costing. The software is not up to the task."


Agree. QuickBooks Online (QBO) is not up to the task to do job costing, product costing, or project costing. Will it change soon? Who knows but I doubt it.


Level 1

Labor costs

billable box is not showing


QuickBooks Team

Labor costs

Hey there, account number for ledger.

I accessed our QuickBooks Online test drive account and tested it out myself. After clicking Customize, then expanding the filter section, I'm able to see Billable as an available option.

I've included an animated image showing my experience:

Firstly, I'd recommend making sure you're accessing the Time Activities by Employee Detail report. Some reports won't display the same filters as others.

If you know you've got the right one pulled up, but still aren't seeing the filtering choice you're looking for, lets check the browser in use. Browsing applications store temporary internet files which can sometimes cause display issues on certain webpages. You can clear cached data and Intuit-specific cookies, then retry the same process to see if all of your options display properly.


Please let me know if this fixes the problem. I'll be looking forward to hearing back. Have a great day!

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