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Locating a report previously run in QB Online

Hi All, 

This is a shot in the dark, and I am that someone out there will recognize what I am looking for.


I have a printout of a report from OB Online exported to Excel, and I would like find the QBO report that generated the printout. 


There aren't a lot of clues, but here are some that seem unique:

-The heading of the report in Excel references All Transactions, All Statuses, Any Delivery Method, and specifies a customer. 

-Some columns on the report that stand out are "Project" and  "Source" and "Aging". There are also columns for Type of Transaction, No., Balance, Total and Status.


Sure sounds like a Sales or Who Owes You sort of a report, but...I spent about an hour crawling through likely reports in those areas, as well as some other sections, but am unable to

1) find the report or

2) customize a report to contain those columns mentioned above.


Does anyone out there maybe recognize this report with those column names? 


Thank you in advance!



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QuickBooks Team

Locating a report previously run in QB Online

Hello, eemahaffey.  


Thank you for the details insight. I'm here to lend a hand in running the report you need.  


In QuickBooks Online (QBO), you can pull up the Transaction List by Customer report,  A/R Aging summary report and Project profitability report and customize it to show the specific columns you need. Then export them to excel.


Here's how: 


  1. In the left menu, click Reports.
  2. Type in Transaction List by Customer in the search bar.
  3. Click the Customize button.
  4. In the Rows/Columns section, select Customer in the Group by drop-down button. Additionally, to show other information you need, click the Change columns link.
  5. In the Filter section, select the Transaction Type, Customer (Specified), Delivery method (Ship Via).
  6. Press Run report.  





I know having the option to generate a report that shows the information you needed would be a great add-on to our features.


To learn more about how to run a report in QBO, visit these articles: 



Let me know if you have additional questions about reports in QBO. I'm here to help however I can. Stay safe!

Level 3

Locating a report previously run in QB Online

Thank you!

Your answer inspired another look for me. 

Interestingly enough, if I select a customer, the landing page shows columns that read across the top:

Date, Type, No, Due Date, Aging, Balance, Status.

The Gear is present, so more columns can be added, in my case Project and Memo.

The additions were not all present on the screen in front of me but an export to excel will show them.

To summarize, this a report without going thru Reports. 


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