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Matching Invoices to Square Transactions

I'm in the process of migrating from Desktop to Online version, 3 months into the year and it's frustrating.

So I linked my Square account so that I can easily match everything up. The trouble I'm having is I had some Square transactions that were payments on invoices, sometimes 2 invoices in one transaction. Sometimes of the two invoices that were paid in the one transaction - one of them was from the previous year. How can I account for this?! I'm in a pickle!


Can I match a Square transaction to an invoice instead of it becoming a Sales Receipt?

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QuickBooks Team

Matching Invoices to Square Transactions

Hi there, @ValSem. Let me provide steps in matching invoices to square transactions.


You can utilize the Find match tool to locate the invoices to match the payment. You can use filters/search to locate them.


Here's how:

  1. Go to the Banking menu and select Banking.
  2. Select the tile for the Square account.
  3. Select the For Review tab to start your review.
  4. Click the deposit to expand the view.
  5. Choose Find match.
  6. You can use filters/search to locate the invoices. You can select a specific transaction type and time period to narrow down the results. You can also use the Search field to locate transactions by amount, reference number, or memo. Remember to use a dollar sign or decimal point when searching for dollar amounts.


Here are some resources that will help you in managing your bank feeds:


Furthermore, make sure to reconcile your accounts regularly to ensure everything is properly recorded.


Please come back and post a comment if you need further assistance with matching transactions. I'm determined to ensure your success. Have a good day, @ValSem.

Level 2

Matching Invoices to Square Transactions

That would be awesome but for my Square account is set up in the App Transactions tab and doesn't allow matching like Bank Transactions. How do I configure it to do matching like a Bank Account?


Matching Invoices to Square Transactions

I can help you handle this situation, Val. This way, you can manage your Square and bank transactions in one place.

You’ll want to connect the bank account Square uses to deposit money from your sales. Then, QuickBooks can download your bank transactions and match them to your Square transactions.

Here’s how:


  1. Go to the Banking menu.
  2. If this is the first bank account you’ve set up, select Connect account. Otherwise, click Link account.
  3. In the Search field, enter the name of your account.
  4. Select Continue, then sign in to your bank with your user ID and password.
  5. Follow the on-screen steps.


You can use this guide for more details and steps to match your entries: Connect your Square account to QuickBooks Online.


Also, here's an article that contains information about reconciliation: Learn the reconcile workflow in QuickBooks. It includes steps to edit completed reconciliations and ways to fix issues.

We’re always here to help if you need further assistance with managing your transactions. Please add them to your reply below. Take care always!

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