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Conor F
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Need help creating a customer statement that shows their total balance (multiple A/R's)



I am working for a client in QuickBooks Desktop Accountant 2019 and have run into an issue when trying to create statements for customers who have more than one A/R item on their account. I want the statement to show the total balance due, not just the amount for that one type of A/R. Sending multiple statements is not something that the client wants to do. If someone can help me figure out how to do this, then do not read the paragraph below. If not, please continue reading about the situation that necessitated creating a separate A/R account in the first place and maybe you can help me solve my problem a different way.


This customer reports on an accrual basis. We recently had to create a separate A/R account to keep track of a new fee the customer implemented. The fee, when paid by the customer, is immediately payable in full to an outside party. For this reason and also from a tax standpoint, the client does not want the fees to be shown as income. I created an item for the new fees and created a liability account named "fees payable" to link the item to. I also choose the new "fees receivable" at the top of the invoice as my A/R. This way when an invoice for this item is created, an equal A/R and A/P are created. When a customer pays the invoice, the A/R decreases and I am able to see the difference between the two accounts on the balance sheet. Then I make a check out to the outside party for the difference between the A/R and A/P (which is the amount that was collected) and then the A/R and A/P are balanced again.


I know it seems like a clunky process, but has been the best way for us to track precisely when the payments for those specific invoices are being collected. It was very difficult before because most of the customers being charged this new fee are delinquent and therefore when they pay, its usually months or even years after the invoice for this fee was created and scrolling all the way back each time a customer makes a payment to see if this invoice is included is too time consuming.


We are completely fine with continuing this practice so long as we can also fix our problem with the statements. If this simply is not possible with two separate A/R's, please help me brainstorm on how to solve this!


Many Thanks,

Conor Floyd

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Need help creating a customer statement that shows their total balance (multiple A/R's)

I can provide the report you need to get multiple A/R of your customers, Conor F.


You can run the Customer Balance Detail report and filter it to achieve the data that the client wants. And, I'm glad to show you how:


  1. Go to the Reports menu.
  2. Pick Customers & Receivables, then Customer Balance Detail.
  3. Click Customize Report, then proceed to the Filters tab.
  4. Search Transaction Type, then choose Invoice.
    customer balance detail.PNG
  5. Click OK.
  6. Select again the Customize Report button, then Filters.
  7. Search Paid Status, then Open.
    customer balance detail1.PNG
  8. Click OK to save the changes.

Now that you have the data, you can export it to Excel for a copy. Then, email it to your client.


Learn more about personalizing reports through this article: Customize reports in QuickBooks Desktop.


Stay in touch with me if you need additional information about creating an A/R statement for your customers. I'll be around to help you.

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