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P&L report pulling from 2 accounts

Let me start off by saying I do not use Quickbooks Desktop  to it's full potential. I simply use it as a glorified checkbook register. I have a set up a company(Personal) with two accounts( Our house & Mom's house) each account has it's own register and bank feed, obviously . I am trying to produce a P&L report for account A  when I do click my through to  reports/ company &financial/ P&L Detailed. The report shows all transaction from Account A and a few from Account B . How do I not have it pull any from Account B ? Only from Account A i see that it does pull from 2 accounts as they show by name in column titled Split. When I try to do a P&L for company B, I get the same report. I have looked through custom pull down for "Use Account". Does not appear.  Kinda wacky as I have, over the last 3 weeks,  finished setting up My Business Company ( with a lot of help from this community, thanks)  with 3 accounts and P&L's have come out fine. Thanks in advance and stay safe

QuickBooks Team

P&L report pulling from 2 accounts

Hello there, mox. 


There are a few things we'll have to verify. First is the transactions affected account if it's correctly associated to account B. Also, the date range of the report if it includes all the transactions linked to account B. 


We can filter the report and see if the transactions are shown correctly. We can also double-click on the transaction if it needs to be changed. I'll show you how:

  1. Go to Reports > Company & Financial > Profit & Loss Detail
  2. Click the Customize Report button. 
  3. Select the correct date range of the report. 
  4. Click the Filter tab and click Account
  5. From the Account drop-down, you can click Multiple accounts
  6. Select only account A and B. 
  7. Click OK to refresh the report. 

You can also use this reference to know more on how to customize reports


Let me know if you need more help. Take care always and keep safe as well!

Level 3

P&L report pulling from 2 accounts


 Hi Quick Books Community,

I should change the title of my question to “P&L Report pulling from two Quick Books  accounts.” There was confusion because of my understanding or lack there of  chart of accounts. In my chart of accounts there are numerous accounts but the ones that I’m trying to differentiate between are Quick Books accounts. I only want to pull from One Quick Books account I have followed all the directions that was so graciously given to me by Catherine back in April I have gone to the filter tab and I clicked on account then multiple accounts. I simply chose them all and then went back and removed the Quick Books accounts that I did not want to show up on my report. I only want a report on one Quick Books account

My report still pulls from one Quick Books  account that I deleted.

 I did a quick video, less than a minute, that may explain better.

It can be viewed at:

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Level 3

P&L report pulling from 2 accounts

I'm thinking maybe the two quick book accounts have the same account in both of their chart of accounts?

 I did a work around by placing the unwanted items in their own chart of account for the account I did not want to be included then chose not to include it. It worked no longer appearing in P&L Report.

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