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Zubairuddin Mohammed
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Hello Sir,

I am using quick books online ,If I want to check total  available qty and   cost price and selling price summary how can i check this report, 

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Thanks for posting here in our forum, @Zubairuddin Mohammed,


I've got just the report you're looking for in QuickBooks Online. You can pull up a Physical Inventory Worksheet to show how much stocks are on hand, including the costing and selling price.


Follow the steps below to get the report:


  1. From the Reports menu, type in Physical Inventory Worksheet.
  2. Click the small gear below Save customization.
  3. Mark the options for Cost and Price.
  4. (Optional) You can use the Save customization option, so you don't need to redo it when pulling up the same report. Saved customizations are then moved to the Custom reports section. See sample screenshot:

I've attached a few resources to guide you with QuickBooks reports:


Let me know if you have any reporting questions or need anything in QuickBooks. I'll be right here to help you anytime. Have a lovely day!

Zubairuddin Mohammed
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Thank you for you valuable support

We are using quick books online from last two months, staring we import inventory in quick books and we inactive all the inventory but its showing in our shrinkage so we deleted all the entry one by one, now in the balance sheet  it showing all the Inventory Starting Value including inventory which we already deleted ?


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I'm also having the issues about checking reports FaceTime


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Hi there, Zubairuddin Mohammed.


It seems that this is a duplicate post. My colleague already shared their answer to your query. You can use this link to view their response:


As for Steven46, can you add more details about your concern? What issues are you having with your reports? 


I've also added this reference for more information when running a report: Use Reports To See Your Sales and Inventory Status.


I'm just a post-away if there's anything that I can help with. Keep safe!

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