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profit and loss statement prior period

when trying to print the P & L for Sept. and adding prior period the August column is dating from August 2 -31 thereby not including checks for August 1

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profit and loss statement prior period

Welcome to the Community space, sheilapv.


I'm here to help you figure out why these checks aren't showing in the report.


There are several possible reasons why the check from August 1 doesn't show in the  Profit and Loss report. You can check the list I've attached below:


1. Payment date
2. Income & Expense accounts
3. Accounting method


Please review each check dated August 1 to ensure it'll show in the report.


Let me know if you need more assistance with the Profit and Loss report. I'll be around for you.

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profit and loss statement prior period

Sorry for the delay I have been out of town.  No the problem is not resolved.  I confirmed the August checks were dated August 1.  The August P/L runs fine.  I am stuck

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profit and loss statement prior period

When I run the Sept P.L the comparative for August runs for August 2-31 thus not including the checks written on August 1.  I have confirmed the date on the checks is OK and the August P/L run fine with all dates included.  I am stuck


profit and loss statement prior period

Hello there, sheilapv.


I appreciate you for getting back to us about the check from August 1.


Let's try to toggle the Payment date of the check to refresh the transaction in the system.


Here's how:


1. On the left navigation bar, click Expenses.

2. Go to the Expenses tab.

3. Look for the check.

4. Click to open the check.

5. Change the date and click Save and close (please remember the date).

6. Open the check again and switch back to the original date.

7. Click Save and close.


Once done, you can run the P&L report again to see if it shows.


If the problem persists, please give us a call. Our Phone Support Team will be able to perform further troubleshooting to determine the cause of the issue. You can reach them through this article:


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I'm here anytime you need help with the missing check in the report. You can reach out to me by clicking the Reply button below.

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