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Purchase Orders by Job Reports

I have a report which shows only vendors who I have a commitment to by job. I would like to know how much I've Received, how much debit, how much credit, open balance PLUS how much I have remaining from the commitment/purchase order WHETHER billed or not billed.


The last part is a question mark for me. The system only tells me the open balance, only if I have a bill entered to bill for the entire commitment. It's not letting me know how much I have left to pay the purchase order amount.


This is for the Contractor's edition.

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Purchase Orders by Job Reports

Hi there, @whyz2,


Thanks for your time joining the Community. I can add some information about your preferred report in QuickBooks Desktop.


At the moment, there isn't a report that shows all the information you need. You'll need to pull up 2 reports so you can compare the transactions and balances. Here's how:

  1. Go to the Reports tab.
  2. Choose Custom Reports.
  3. Select Transaction Detail.
  4. Click the Customize Report button.
  5. In the Display tab, update the report date.
  6. On the same page, click Paid from the Columns section.
  7. Go to the Filters tab.
  8. In the Filter section, click Posting Status then select Either from the options.
  9. Click Transaction Type from the Filters, and choose Purchase Order from the Transaction Type drop-down.
  10. Click OK.
  11. In the Total By drop-down, select Customer.

This report will show the PO's received or billed. To view open PO's, you can use the Open Purchase Orders by Job. Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Reports tab.
  2. Click Purchases.
  3. Choose Open Purchase Orders by Job.
  4. Click the Customize Report button.
  5. Go to the Display tab.
  6. In the Columns section, click Debit and Credit.
  7. Click OK.

That should do it, @whyz2. Let me know if you have any questions about the report. I'm here to lend you a hand whenever you needed me. Have a good one!

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Purchase Orders by Job Reports



Please Learn from thin input.




You show you are using Enterprise Contractor Edition. Are you Not Using the WIP reporting or the Costs to Complete functions? That's how you get this: "It's not letting me know how much I have left to pay the purchase order amount."


For instance, if I list my two-sided Service item for Structural Engineering on the Estimate for the Scope of the project, I would list this as $16,500 for the $15,000 projected Cost to me + 10% markup for the Revenue.


Then, I list that same two-sided Service item on the PO; I swap Rate and Quantity. This is $1 each for Quantity = 15,000. Now I can process partial draw requests and track PO open status for fulfillment. Meanwhile, I run the Estimates Vs Actuals Detail reporting and update the Costs to Complete worksheet.


Please see my attachment.

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Purchase Orders by Job Reports

When will you be making reports that contractors actually use?  Having to pull 2 reports to get the information we want is a bit cumbersome, don't you think? 


IE  Purchase Orders:  they should be considered committed and to the project costing reports.  Otherwise costing reports are skewed (not accurate).  Invoices should not be the only thing that gets committed.


We here create purchase orders for every purchase where we expect an invoice, whether that be from a subcontractor or a supplier.  Credit Card Charges go directly to the costing report.  


I've been asking for this for over 6 years, and we are nary a step closer.

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Purchase Orders by Job Reports

I use 2019 Premier.  Those 2 reports you note, I need to run multiple reports to get all the information I need.  Bonding companies would like to see the information from both on one report.  Therefore, I have to run them in excel and merge.  And for the cost of the program, and considering how long you have been in business, those reports should be able to seen in one report.  Let me choose the columns I want to see.


However, even if you have a background in Database programming, the nomenclature from report to report is different for the same information.

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Purchase Orders by Job Reports

Also, you did not hit on the fact that the Purchase Order will only show the invoices applied to that purchase order.  The balance on that PO is not noted on that report.


PS  I ran a report such as those for projects I knew had costs associated with them and received no information at all.


There is a glitch somewhere in the system. 


I may have to switch to a program created by contractors for contractors, or go to an  Excel  Spreadsheet version.  At least there wouldn't be as many headaches.


Purchase Orders by Job Reports

Thanks for joining this conversation, donnagrail.


We acknowledge your opinion with the reports in QuickBooks Desktop. Each business is unique, along with their needs, so I can see how important online banking is for you.


As shared by my colleague Jen_D, you'll have to run multiple reports to get all the needed information.


The Job Estimates vs. Actuals Detail report let's you view the costs and revenues for each customers or job. Here's how:

  1. Go to Reports at the top menu bar to open the list.
  2. Under the Jobs, Time, & Mileage, select Job Estimates vs. Actuals Detail.
  3. Click the drop-down arrow and select the appropriate customer or job.
  4. Hit OK.

To shows the PO balance, you can run the Open Purchase Orders by Job. Please follow the steps provided by Jen_D above.


I assure you that I'm taking note of your suggestions and passing it along to our developers for consideration in the near future.


Once there are any updates about your request, I'll let you know by updating this thread.


You can also check out the Firm of the Future site to learn more about product enhancements and tips to efficiently manage your business.


If you have any questions, please let me know. I'll be here and ready to help anytime. Have a good one.

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