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QBO Reports not showing memo/descriptions?

I can't get the memo/detail section to show up in any of the reports (general Ledger, Transaction Detail, etc. ) Actually, some of the memos show up, but others do not. Specifically I am looking for  for descriptions of checks written. 


Re: QBO Reports not showing memo/descriptions?

Greetings, @ashneale!


My colleague, @JaneD, already answered the same question you've posted.


If you haven't checked it yet, you can check it by clicking this link:


Feel free to post again here in the Community if you have any other concerns. We'll be always around to lend a helping hand.

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Re: QBO Reports not showing memo/descriptions?

I am not looking for what report to use? I am wondering how to get the memo/description to print in the GL or Transaction Detail for checks written when it is clearly entered on the check and in the register. 


Re: QBO Reports not showing memo/descriptions?

Thanks for getting back to me, ashneale.

Let me take over and help you generate a report that shows memo/description when printing in QuickBooks Online.


If you wish to show the memo/description when printing the report, you can pull up the Transaction Detail by Account.


Here's how:


  1. Click Reports in the left panel.
  2. Search and select the Transaction Detail by Account in the search field.
  3. You'll see the Memo/Description in the report.




You may find this article helpful: CUSTOMIZE REPORTS.


Should you need more information about printing reports, please let me know. Have a good one.

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