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Customizing a Packing Slip

Using Desktop Pro-Premiere, customizing the S.O. Packing Slip. I would like to reverse the order of the column (Ordered) and (Shipped). When in the customization window I changed the column number from 3 to 4 and visa-versa. NO affect. I then changed the Label text. When printing the quantity ordered and the quantity shipped are reversed. In the Layout Designer, I don't see where I can simply shift the column position. Any Help is appreciated.

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QuickBooks Team

Customizing a Packing Slip

Hello, @Anonymous.


I'm here to help you today so you'll be able to customize your template to the desired order.


Whatever customization and order you've selected when customizing the template, it'll always reflect when printing your transaction. 

b6 sales order order number 1.PNG

b6 s o 2.PNG


Since changing the order number of the column doesn't work on your end, you may need to use another template to check if the issue is within the template you're using.


For additional reference about using and customizing form styles in QuickBooks Desktop, you can check this article: Use and customize form templates.


You can always add a post/comment below if you have any other questions about the sales order template. I'm always here to help you!

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Customizing a Packing Slip

We are using the Intuit S.O. Packing Slip (which we modified by adding logo, changing font, etc). When we change the column position number in customization the columns (Ordered/Shipped) do not move on screen or when printing. We do see this occur when modifying the Purchase Order template (moved the MFG part number column in front of our part number column). We are stumped. We assume since this is an Intuit original template that came with the program, there should not be an issue with column position change, and apparently the only way to do this is the number change and not actually moving the columns in Layout Design.

QuickBooks Team

Customizing a Packing Slip

Greetings, Paddy55.


I'd like to join this discussion and ensure your customization will be applied to the Intuit S.O. Packing Slip template.


I've replicated this on my end and was able to encounter the same issue you did. Based on the result, it seems like the template is affected by data integrity issues which causes unusual behaviors like this.


To fix it, we can create a new Sales Order Packing Slip template and customize it accordingly to show the columns in the order that you want. Here's how:

  1. From the Lists menu, choose Templates.
  2. Click the Templates drop-down button and select New. You may also press Ctrl + N.
  3. In the Select Template Type window, pick Sales Order, then hit OK.
  4. In the Basic Customization window, click the Manage Templates button.
  5. Change the Template Name as necessary, for example, New S.O Packing Slip.
  6. Click OK, then Additional Customization.
  7. Go to the Columns tab and apply the necessary customization.
  8. Click OK.

If the order still won't change, it would be a good idea to run the Verify/Rebuild process. With this, QuickBooks will be able to self-identify the cause of the data integrity issues and resolve it.


Let me know how it goes, I want to make sure this is taken care of. Thanks for dropping by, I'll be standing by for your response.

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Customizing a Packing Slip


for qb online may you add following:


1. in the packing slip, it doesn't show the total number of boxes! there should be a field for a total quantity.


2. Also, it is important for many to know the weight for every row of item in packing slip. I think it can be done by assigning a field for a constant number in the product information, it can be use for weight or volume depending the business, then multiply by quantity = total weight of boxes in the row. and at the end of this column, we will have the total weight of all the products in the packing slip.


3. also for tractability requirement, we need an empty filed beside each row to add a unique code (number and letter)



Customizing a Packing Slip

Hello Ed15,


I appreciate you for joining this thread here in the Community. Allow me to assist you with your concern about the packing slips in QuickBooks Online.


Right now, customizing the fields, columns, and rows showing when printing a packing slip is unavailable. I'm taking note of all the information that you need to avoid extra work when performing shipments.


For now, I recommend visiting the QuickBooks Blog for any new updates released from our product engineers. I recommend bookmarking the link I'm adding below to keep you up to date with the product:


Please feel free to post any questions you have below regarding the packing slips. I'm always available to help.

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Customizing a Packing Slip

Hello everyone,

Do you know if there is possible to include in the Invoice/Packing Slip information from the Customer:Job like CUSTOMER OR COMPANY?

We have the use case where we need show reference information that is present in the Customer:Job (yellow squares in the image below)



QuickBooks Team

Customizing a Packing Slip

Good day, @AJHN.


The option to add reference information on the invoice's Customer:Job section is unavailable in QuickBooks. 


Right now, you can still utilize the workaround you've been using to add these details. I can see how this option would be helpful for you and your business. Therefore, let me take note of this as a suggestion to improve your QuickBooks experience.


You can also send a request to our product developers so they can review it. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Click the Help menu and select Send Feedback Online.
  2. Choose Product Suggestion, then enter the details of your concern.
  3. Select Send Feedback and click Close Window.


Moreover, you can check this article for additional resources about using and customizing form styles in QuickBooks Desktop: Use and customize form templates.


Keep me posted if you have other questions about customizing sales forms or any other QuickBooks-related concerns. I'm always here to help. Keep safe.

Level 2

Customizing a Packing Slip

Thank you!


I'm going to send a Product Suggestion; it shouldn't be a difficult development task; it is just to include more available fields in the system on the Formatting >> Customize Data Layout option.

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