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Recording supplies I use later

I buy electrical supplies in bulk that usually put to the CG account 51400 Job supplies purchased.  Then I do the job but see that I can't log the supplies to that job or I will be "double dipping" so to speak.  How should I account for these products and still be able to see what the actual job cost is?  I am using 2019 contractor edition. 

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Recording supplies I use later

Several options:

The simplest would be to allocate the supplies to Jobs at the time of purchase by splitting the vendor vendor bill into multiple lines so you can code the appropriate amount to each Job. Likely you dont know in advance or youd already do this.

Next would be to leave the Job codes off the vendor purchase and create additional entries (cheque, bill or JE) later to realloacte into Jobs when you do know. This would be a net zero entry that just posts a supplies expense with the job code, and then reverses that expense without any job code. 

Third option is to start using inventory items for these supplies, and buy the stock initially unallocated, then later 'sell' it into the jobs as it is used.




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Recording supplies I use later

If you track inventory, you don't need to "sell" it to job track its use; you use Adjust inventory, and this screen has a Job Tracking field. But you won't want to track as inventory unless you really buy and use the exact same thing over and over. Example: Junction Box is not inventory; you would need to be specific for each Type as individual items. That often isn't worth the effort. You can simply know there is a supplies allowance in a job for analysis purposes; or, you can use Estimates and put the Supplies item here, two sided, that allows you to see Projected Cost of them, even if you have no Actual Cost (no job tracking) and that still allows you to compare this to Actual Revenue.

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