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Remittance advice or report with vendor credits

I'm not sure there is an option for this, but I'm attempting to pull some sort of report that will show accurate numbers on payments that include splitting vendor credit amounts. I've tried the Transaction List by Vendor, the Bills and Applied Payments, and customizing a report, but any time I have a vendor credit split between payments and include an "amount" column on a report, it gives me the full credit amount instead of what was actually applied to the payment. I attached a Bills and Applied Payments example that I get when I run that report. The amount numbers are the same in a List by Vendor report. Now, when I pull up the actual ACH payment on QBO I can see the original amount as well as the amount applied, but I have no way to print that.

If anyone has found a good workaround so I don't have to go through and manually change these split amounts that would be amazing.

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QuickBooks Team

Remittance advice or report with vendor credits

It’s nice to see you in the Community today, kbcultivate.

I appreciate all your efforts in trying to build a report that shows accurate numbers on payments that include splitting vendor credit amounts. The result will guide us on how to resolve your concern.

Let’s print the actual ACH payment in QuickBooks Online (QBO) using your browser’s printer. To accomplish this task, right-click your mouse and choose the Print option. For Windows, press Ctrl + P and Command + P for macOS. Otherwise, download the report in PDF to save a copy and then print it.

I can see that having a built-in report that shows the details mentioned above will help a lot of customers. It’s a time saver because you’ll no longer have to refine the information on the statement.

Thus, I encourage sending feedback about this feature straight to our engineers. Your suggestions will guide them on which specific functionality needs to be enhanced or added in future updates.  

Here’s how to submit your ideas:


  1. In QBO, tap the Gear icon in the upper right and choose Feedback under Profile.
  2. This will open a screen that lets you type your product suggestions.
  3. Once done, click Next to submit.

I’m adding some links below for additional resources. These articles will guide you through the process of getting the details that are important for your business. You’ll also learn how to use the following: General, Rows/Columns, Filter, and Header/Footer sections.


If you wish to get a list of reports available in each QuickBooks version, click here to view the complete guide.  Our self-help articles contain topics on how to manage all your vendor-related tasks such as creating bills, processing bill payments or vendor credits, etc.

Feel free to visit the Community again if you still need help with printing your vendor credits report. I’ll get back to assist further. Wishing your business continued success.  

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Remittance advice or report with vendor credits

Thank you for the reply, but unfortunately neither of those options appear to work for me. If I try to print, it only prints exactly what is on my screen, so I end up with overlapping information if I try to print everything. 

As far as downloading the report, I'm not able to download the payments, if that is what you mean. I haven't found anywhere on the page that I have an option to download it at all. I can only include one screenshot here, but that shows my options I currently have at the bottom of the payment info. On the top I only have a cog to change the amount of rows for the bill portion, similar to the cog for the credits in the screenshot provided. The "More" option only allows me to these options: Void, Delete, Transaction journal, and Audit history, none of which provide the information I'm looking for.

I will add the feedback through my account however.


Remittance advice or report with vendor credits

Thanks for sending us your feedback, kbcultivate.


I can share another workaround that can help you generate the data that you need. You'll want to customize the Transaction List by Account report to show the actual amounts of the vendor credit applied to the bills. I'll show you how to do it:


  1. Go to the Report menu.
  2. Select Transaction List by Account.
  3. Click the Customize button.
  4. Set the report date and accounting method.
  5. Select Vendor from the Group by drop-down menu, then go to the Filter section,
  6. Tick the Bill, Bill Payment, and Vendor Credit options from the Transaction Type drop-down menu.
  7. Pick a vendor from the Name drop-down menu.
  8. Click Run report.

Additionally, you can download this report to a PDF or Excel format if you need to further manipulate the data. For more tips in managing your reports in QuickBooks Online, I recommend reading these articles:


Drop me a comment below if you have any other concerns or further questions. I've got you covered.


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Remittance advice or report with vendor credits

There is no report, "Transaction List by Account" available.

Candice C
QuickBooks Team

Remittance advice or report with vendor credits

Greetings, @KimHCHVAC


Welcome to the Community! I appreciate you hopping on this thread about running reports in QuickBooks Online. 


My colleague gave you the QuickBooks Desktop version of the report. I apologize for the confusion. 


The report you'll need to run is a Transaction detail by account. You can do the same exact steps from above to customize, but choose to run this report instead. 


Let me know how using a Transaction detail by account report goes. I'm always here to lend a helping hand. I look forward to hearing back from you. 

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Remittance advice or report with vendor credits

These options do not work. Is QB ever going to create a "payment remittance" feature to send to vendors? It is a very basic request and necessary in business when paying many vendors. Seems like this would have been taken care of by now. Please reply with an update. Thank you!

QuickBooks Team

Remittance advice or report with vendor credits

I understand your situation and your desire for a more streamlined way to remit payment, John.


As of now, this feature is unavailable in QuickBooks Online (QBO) US versions. As a workaround, I recommend looking for a third-party application that you can integrate with QBO. You can browse our App Store to search for the one that suits your needs.


I encourage you to send a feature request to our Product Development Team. We regularly review customer requests and consider them when prioritizing product enhancements. Follow these steps to submit your ideas: 


  1. Sign in to your company.
  2. Click the Gear icon, then choose Feedback.
  3. Enter your comments in the description box.
  4. Once done, hit Next.


Additionally, here's an article that you can read to learn how to monitor all the money you've paid to a supplier for a particular period: Run a report with vendor totals.


I'm still here if you require further assistance handling your other company expenditures. Just add the details below, and I'll respond as promptly as possible.

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