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sales receipts



I am working in quickbooks online.  I create a sales receipt with just credit card totals...broken down into each type of card and totals based on our POS daily report.  That sales receipt matches to a bank deposit generated from the same information from the POS.  That part works great and is in balance.


My question is.  Is there a way to break down those sales receipts even farther with more detailed information that will show up in monthly P&L?  Specifically:  I'd like to take those credit card totals and breakdown into what they actually purchased.  There are basically 3 categories I'd like to break it into.  I need to do all this without doubling my income...obviously.


The most obvious way would be to breakdown the initial sales receipt, but beings that it matches so easily with the bank deposit, my account said not to mess with that.  He has yet to get back to me on the above request.


Any feedback? 

thank you



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sales receipts

You are not using the tools correctly. You should, in my opinion, unless you are using an entirely different platform to control inventory and income/expense, be creating a sales receipt for each customer. You obviously know what they are buying since you wish to track your sales. What are you generating to give them a receipt? Customers should be getting a detailed list of what you sell them even if it is just types of service. 


It is okay to do a single daily sales receipt but that should include all the services or items you provided that day. 


Changing anything in the original daily receipt you are now creating except total will have no effect on matching to the deposit. If you handed me a $20 and I gave you back 5x$1, 1x$5, and 1x$10 you would still have $20.  Now, do you have 2 tens for a five?

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sales receipts

I replied to the email I got.  I guess it didn't go to you:


Well, sorry to hear I’m not using the tools correctly.  I was instructed from the very beginning by Intuit trained people the procedure I am using. We do not create sales receipts in quickbooks for every customer.  We use a POS system that generates an invoice for each customer.  I’m using Quickbooks for income/expense tracking.  

I was looking for a way to breakdown the sales receipt to show daily items purchased by each credit card total.  Eg:
American Express:  $500 total for day.   That’s how the POS system would read.  I put that $500 into a sales receipt under Daily Sales, deposit to: Undeposited Funs. Under product/service…I enter American Express Credit Card and then a total.  After this amount hits our bank account within 2 days and is brought into Quickbooks I have an instant match.
With that being said, I want to be able to take that $500 and break into our services:  eq.  We sold $25 for Lifestyle passes and $300 for Body Sculpting and $175 for IVS.  NOT broken into WHO bought it, just the total of services that equate to that credit card total.
  This way on a monthly P&L it would show: American Express and then under it a grand total dollar amount for the month for each service; Lifestyle Passes $25, Body Sculpting  $300 , IV. $175.
Make Sense??
QuickBooks Team

sales receipts

I appreciate the details that you gave, @nancyb8.


I'd like to provide some clarifications on how you can enter a break down of your sales in QuickBooks Online.


John-pero is correct, you'll need to create a sales receipt for each customer's transactions in QBO. In doing this, you'll need to enter an item (product or service) that is intended for the specific amount of the sale.


Please see the screenshot attached below for reference: sales breakdown.PNG


Know that the total amount of these items will not show up in the P&L report. This is because the said report only displays the total amount of the accounts used in QuickBooks. Instead, the sum of these items can be found on the Sales by Product/Service Detail report.


To do that:

  1. Click on Reports from the left pane.
  2. Key in Sales by Product/Service Detail on the search box.
  3. Enter the report period.
  4. Hit on Run Report.

Here are some articles that you can check out about creating sales items, and on what are the customers reports that you can pull up in QuickBooks Online:

Let me know if you have any other questions. I'll be right here to help. Have a lovely day!

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