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Undeposited Funds and running reports

When running a report, for example just the month of October, undeposited funds show a positive balance.  When running a report YTD, undeposited funds show a zero balance. There are no deposits in queue and all deposits are shown as being deposited to the correct account. 


Is this because there was at a time undeposited funds in that month, regardless of the funds being deposited.  I have not crossed checked the numbers and I hope this does not resort to that. 


If more information is needed, please say so, I am unsure if I am explaining myself properly.  I am not allowed to post pictures either. 


Thank you 

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Undeposited Funds and running reports

When you run the report for just the month of October, it will include only the transactions that occurred during that month.  Chances are you had some $ sitting in Undeposited Funds at the end of October that didn't get deposited until November 2nd.  

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