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Vendor or Customer Open Credits

Good day,  I was hoping to run a report that would display what credits are open for Vendors and or Customers.  I found an article on QB in the link below.  However, this appears to be how much was paid, not what is available.  We are running Enterprise 2019 Manufacturing and Wholesale.  Any assistance is appreciated. 


Perhaps I am over thinking this but I am not seeing anything in the stock reports.

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Vendor or Customer Open Credits

You're looking at the exact article, @CSMG.


All that's left to do is to make sure we did not miss any of the steps outlined in the article.


Let me guide you through the steps on how to accomplish this:

  1. Go to Reports, select Custom Reports, then Transaction Detail.
  2. The Modify Report: custom Transaction Detail Report opens automatically.
  3. On the Display tab, add the Open Balance column, then remove other columns when necessary.
  4. On the Filter tab:
    a. Select Accounts Payable and Receivable for Accountaccounts.PNG
    b. Select All Names for Namesnames.PNG
    c. Select Payment, Credit Memo, Bill Credit, Bill Payment for the Transaction Typetransactiontype.PNG
    d. Select Open for the Paid Statuspaidstatus.PNG
  5. Don't forget to click OK after performing each letter above.

The Open Balance column is where you can see the unapplied or remaining credit of your clients. Just make sure not to missed any steps and filter the report correctly.


After following the steps outlined in this article, you're able to see the available credit of your vendors and customers.


Keep me posted if you have follow-up questions and I'd be glad to help.

Level 2

Vendor or Customer Open Credits

Greetings to you. This is perfect.  I missed a step so when I verified my input, it was perfect after making a change..

I truly appreciate it.


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