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Hello,  I am stumped and stuck.


I have 4 accounts on my Sales Liability report showing negative.

They are all from last so I know I need to date the adjustments 01/01/2022.


I live in Washington state and these accounts are for the city and county not the state sales tax.

Adjusting in the Vendor - Sales Tax - Adjust only works to adjust State Sales Tax.

I tried to do a AJE but these accounts do not pull up.   Help how do I zero them  out????



Kimberlie Adams

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Sales Tax Enterprise

Thanks for reaching out to the Community, Pro Grade Enterprises Inc.


To properly identify how you can zero out negative accounts and if you should, I'd recommend working with an accounting professional. If you're in need of one, there's an awesome tool on our website called Find a ProAdvisor. All ProAdvisors listed there are QuickBooks-certified and able to provide helpful insights for driving your business's success.


Here's how it works:

  1. Go to our Find a ProAdvisor page.
  2. Use the City or ZIP search field to specify a location.
  3. Select Find a ProAdvisor.
  4. Browse through your results and find one that works best for the business. You can click on each ProAdvisor's profile to learn more information about them.


Once you've found an accountant, they can be contacted through their Send a message form:

  1. Use the available text box to introduce yourself. Be sure to include details about which services you're looking for.
  2. Enter your appropriate info in the Your nameYour email, and Your phone number (optional) fields.
  3. Hit Send message.


You'll also be able to find many detailed resources about using QuickBooks in our help article archives.


If there's any additional questions, I'm just a post away. Have a wonderful day!

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