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► WHAT DO I DO FOR MY CLIENTS? I help my clients: » Get accurate financial statements - they provide the data entry, I work out my magic » Get MORE Time - they only focus on the end result… accurate financial statements » Make MORE Money - no need for a full time employee AND they can spot areas of opportunity easier ► HOW DO I SERVE THEM? » Work remotely so I don’t take valuable real estate space from their business » Work on keeping their Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable in check » Produce financial statements that make sense to them » Provide peace of mind knowing they’re working with someone they can trust Most Importantly: » Free up their time so they can focus on their business » Alleviate their frustrations caused by all the technical parts of debits and credits and accounting in general ► UNIQUE EXPERIENCE » QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor » Setup your QuickBooks file to fit your business » Know I take care of your books like I take care of mine » Measurable Results » You will feel like I am part of your business, not just an outside contractor ► UNIQUE PERSPECTIVE I believe each business is ran based on your management style and your financial statements should reflect the same. Accounting does not have to be an “out of a box” software; your financial statements should have your unique business personality. I can provide that by understanding how your business works and what your goals are. I’m passionate about making accounting fun! ► YOUR NEXT STEPS: Get an assessment of your current accounting system → FREE 30 MINUTE STRATEGY SESSION ← that'll give you ideas on areas of opportunity to increase your revenue and decrease your expenses.
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