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Rebekah Burns has nearly fifteen years of experience in bookkeeping and data analysis. Her expertise includes finance, regulation compliance, data analysis, and tax services. She is skilled in the creation of new systems, and the troubleshooting and improvement of existing ones. After a career working in Oklahoma's oil and gas industry, she is now serving a variety of clients as the owner of Ink and Owl Bookkeeping. Rebekah's focus is to help other independent business owners and small businesses thrive. Having experience with organizations both large and small, Rebekah understands the challenges that start-up and independently owned businesses face. She knows the peace of mind that comes with having a proven, financially sound business structure. Rebekah will help your business organize itself financially so that it can grow and be able to invest back into itself. Ink and Owl Bookkeeping is based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and offers virtual resources for those outside of the metro area. Rebekah Burns maintains membership in the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers and the National Association of Professional Women. When not in the office, Rebekah enjoys gaming, knitting, and all things geeky, as well has raising her three children. And, of course, owls.
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