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In summation—I am a writer, a proud mama, closet nerd, refined yinzer, and big on brainstorming n’at. I enjoy every kind of conversation and consider everything in life to be “a good thing” until proven otherwise. Proud RMU Alumna (Go Colonials)! A good cupcake = everything. My official journey with the interwebs began in 2007, while writing for a motorcycle lifestyle print and digital publication. I was very fortunate to work with a talented team of professionals who had vast experience in digital publishing, search engine optimization and marketing, and web design. My passion for digital marketing only grew from there. Over the past ten years, I’ve dabbled in everything from digital advertising to inbound marketing to ecommerce strategy in various industries, such as manufacturing, publishing, construction, and fashion. To backtrack a bit, my passion really started as a young girl who watched her father (a seasoned IT professional) leave the corporate world behind only to create a very successful (online) business from the ground up. I love working with websites because there’s always something new to do or learn. You also meet the best people along the way. My goal is to LAUGH every chance I get! One fun fact: I am fluent in American Sign Language.
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