FAQs: Renewing your QuickBooks Online Certification: Core & Advanced

Find out more about the new annual renewal process for QuickBooks Certification

Why do ProAdvisors need to recertify annually?

To keep our ProAdvisors up to date with all the latest features and functionality. By refreshing your knowledge every year, you can continue to offer the best possible service to your clients. We’ll provide training, then ask you to complete a short multiple-choice test to check your understanding.

What do I need to do?

To maintain your certified status (and access to the perks that come with it) you need to pass the short recertification test between 1 May – 30 June 2024.

What will the test cover?

The recertification tests are designed to check your understanding of new QuickBooks Online features and functionality released in the last 12 months or so. The Core level test is 15 multiple-choice questions and the Advanced test is 20 multiple-choice questions.

I’m Advanced Certified. Do I need to complete the Core recertification first?

No, you only need to renew the highest level of certification you hold. All the Core QuickBooks Online certification content is covered in the Advanced recertification test, so there is only one test to pass.

Where will I find the test?

The recertification test will be available on the ProAdvisor training tab inside QuickBooks Online Accountant from 1 May 2024.

How should I prepare for the test?

Join our webinars aimed at ProAdvisors renewing Core or Advanced certification from 30 April 2024. You’ll find booking information on the Training menu of your ProAdvisor portal from 16 April 2024. 

What if I don’t pass first time?

You have 3 attempts to pass the recertification exam. If you don’t pass on the third attempt, you’ll be locked out of the exam for 10 days. This gives you time to study the modules you didn’t pass, and try again.

After the 10-day lock-out period passes, you will have another 3 attempts to pass the recertification exam.

If this takes you past the 30 June deadline, you’ll need to take the full certification exams again.

I can’t remember if I completed Core or Advanced certification. How can I find out?

  • Sign in to QuickBooks Online Accountant
  • Go to the ProAdvisor menu.
  • Select the Training tab to see all your valid certifications.

I’ve only just earned my QuickBooks certification. Will I have to renew it this year?

If you passed your QuickBooks Online Core or QuickBooks Online Advanced Certification after 30 April 2023, you won’t need to recertify until next year. Otherwise, you’ll need to pass the test by 30 June 2024 to maintain your certification status and ProAdvisor benefits, including your Find-a-ProAdvisor listing.

Will I earn ProAdvisor points when I renew my certification?

If you pass your Core recertification exam, you will maintain your certification points (50 points for Core Certification, 100 points for Advanced). You won’t earn additional points.

What happens if I don’t renew my certification exam by the deadline?

If you miss the 30 June deadline, you’ll lose your Certified ProAdvisor status and the applicable points from your balance (50 for Core, 100 for Advanced). You’ll also lose your listing on the Find-a-ProAdvisor directory. We hope that the 2 month window and flexible training options will make it easy for you to renew your certification in plenty of time.

Why can’t I take the test after the deadline?

After 30 June 2024, the recertification tests will be removed from the training portal.

If I don’t renew in time, can I get my certification status back?

Yes, but you’ll need to complete the full certification exams. If you were Advanced certified, you will need to complete both Core and Advanced level exams.

I’m not QuickBooks certified yet. How do I get started?

QuickBooks Online Certification can be completed at any time. And it’s free! Visit our training page to find out more.

I have more questions. Who should I ask?

Please contact your account manager who will be able to help you.