Create estimates and quotes

Learn how to set up estimates and send quotes in QuickBooks Online. Create an estimate when you want to give your customer a quote, bid, or proposal for work you plan to do. The form looks similar to an invoice, but has a different purpose - it helps you start discussing details with your customer.

1. Create an estimate and send a quote

  • In the left hand menu, select the + New tab.

  • Then select Estimate from the options.
  • Select Customer or add a new one.

  • Check the Email and Billing address are correct.
  • Select the Estimate date and the Expiration date.

  • Input the Product/Service you plan to sell, and any other information you wish including the Amount.
  • Select Save and send. Then select Save and close.

Note: After sending an estimate you can convert it to an invoice so you can bill your customer. Show me how this works.