Set up Self Assessment

Be confident about how much income tax you owe – all year round. QuickBooks will auto-calculate your figures and sort your expenses into categories. This is only based on the data held in QuickBooks. We can’t calculate information that is not held in QuickBooks e.g. other income, or overseas dividends, etc.

For this to be possible, you will need to do the below as a minimum to help you get there.

Self Assessment checklist:

  • Connect your bank account and credit cards

  • Categorise and match your transactions

  • Record all your expenses

  • Track your mileage

Once you have done all the above then head to the Income Tax for Self Assessment form

1. Navigate to Income Tax

  • In the left hand menu, select the Taxes tab

  • Then select Income Tax from the options

2. Find out how much you owe

  • Navigate to the middle of your income tax page

  • Select the tax year you would like to review or submit for

  • Your Self Assessment filing details with QuickBooks will then pop up

  • This will let you know how much is payable to HMRC with your expenses broken down

  • Click Done when ready

  • If we believe there may be a missing expense, a message may pop up to inform you with a suggestion of expenses to add

3. Export and submit your Self Assessment form

  • Go to the Income Tax estimate form you wish to export and select Export

  • Copy the totals of each box from the exported file and paste them into the Self Assessment form

  • Using your Government Gateway credentials, sign in to the HMRC website

  • Submit your tax return online

4. Extra support

  • Once you’ve securely connected your Bank account to your QuickBooks accounts

  • Navigate to the left hand menu and select Bookkeeping

  • Then select Transactions

  • Scroll down to your For Review transactions table and navigate to the right of the page

  • Select Take a Tour 

  • Choose either one of our quick videos or our in-product step-by-step guidance