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QBO Subscriptions Package Offer Terms

QBO Subscriptions Package Offer Terms -

The offer is subject to the following terms and conditions (“Offer Terms”). Please read them carefully as by purchasing the Package you are accepting the Offer Terms.


Bill my Firm” or “(wholesale) invoicing” means that the accountant agrees to pay for the Client’s subscription fees. The offer is only available to accounting firms that are legally based in the UK. 

Licence” or “subscription” means the subscription to the QuickBooks service selected in the offer subject to the payment of the monthly fee specified in an offer. 

Offer” means the whole offer, detailing the subscription Package(s) and price. 

Package” means a set of subscriptions to Intuit QuickBooks Online, Payroll or other Intuit services purchased in one order by the ProAdvisor for their clients (“Clients”). 

ProAdvisor”means an accounting firm who has subscribed to QBOA and hence automatically been included in the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program that gives access to discounts, training and tools. 

Professional Services” means training on the QuickBooks products, such as effective client onboarding and optimisation of workflows.

Wholesale Billing Price” or “WSB Price” means the current monthly price reserved by Intuit to the generality of ProAdvisors paying for subscriptions via the “Bill my Firm” (wholesale) invoicing option as updated from time to time. All prices are quoted excluding VAT.


Accounting firms who register or have registered for Intuit QuickBooks Online Accountant & 

ProAdvisor Programme and use “Bill my Firm” (wholesale) invoicing (“Eligible ProAdvisor”) may obtain an introductory Offer that contains (i) subscriptions at the discounted price as stated in the Offer and (ii) subscriptions provided at the WSB Price. The details and price of the Package(s) are as set out in the Offer. 

For all Offers, the discounted price applies for a period of 12 or 18 or 24 or 36 or 48 months (“Discount Period”) as set up in the Commercial Offer from the moment of purchase of the Package, as long as the Client remains a client of the ProAdvisor and provided that the subscription of all units purchased within the Package are uninterrupted and the user continues to be a Client. After the Discount Period expires, all subscriptions in the Package will be charged at the then current WSB Price. 

If the ProAdvisor or Client cancels more than 10% of the subscriptions that are part of a specific Offer at any time the discounted price will be terminated, and all remaining subscriptions in the Offer will be charged at the then applicable Wholesale Billing Price. 

Professional Services: Subject to the ProAdvisor’s responsibility for Content and Use of the Services under the Intuit Terms of Service, at Intuit’s option, Intuit may, from time to time, make available to the ProAdvisor Professional Services in connection to the purchase of a Package. The ProAdvisor will be provided with options to schedule the Professional Services within 90 days of purchase, after which, the Professional Service offer will expire. It is the responsibility of the ProAdvisor to timely schedule the provision of the Professional Service(s).

The discounted Offer price is non-transferable to other Clients and it is valid only for the named individual or company that registered for QuickBooks Online under this Offer. This offer cannot be combined with any other QBO offer.


The ProAdvisor’s account will automatically be charged on a monthly basis on the billing date indicated by the ProAdvisor for all active QBO subscriptions until the subscription is terminated. 

Payment is due, in full, immediately upon monthly invoicing. Terms, conditions, pricing, special features, and service and support options subject to change without notice. 

We would like to remind you that your relationship with Intuit in relation to the QBOA and QBO service is regulated by the Intuit Terms of Service, the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program Agreement, and Intuit Privacy Statement that you have accepted when registering for the QBOA service.