Cash flow

Cash Flow Playbook for Small Business Owners

A study of QuickBooks customers found nearly half (44%) of small or medium sized businesses who experienced cash flow issues said the problems were a surprise. On top of that, we’re in trying times, and that makes managing cash flow that much more challenging.

This cashflow playbook will give you some tips to help you stay informed of your cash position and have the confidence in your cash buffer, to weather the ups and downs of this economic uncertainty.

Cash flow forecasting is part of advanced business advisory, but we’re going to walk through it together. Your accountant may be able to provide options tailored to your small business, leveraging more expansive solutions. If you don’t have an accountant already, QuickBooks can help you find a Pro Advisor.

What is cash flow

“Cash flow” is a term that refers to how cash moves in and out of your business and your bank account. Cash inflows are your sources of income, and cash outflows are your business expenses. Naturally, positive cash flow is better than negative cash flow.

Learn more about how to tackle cash flow for your medium to small sized business in our cash flow playbook.

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