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Using Content Marketing for Your Accounting Practice

To attract new clients and build your brand, marketing is essential. In particular, you may want to focus on content marketing as part of your digital marketing strategy. In a nutshell, content marketing refers to creating and publishing content to reach an online audience.

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Organic Content Marketing: Blog

One of the simplest ways to get started with content marketing is to create a blog and put it on your website. You can write the blog yourself or hire a professional content writer to help you. In both cases, choose subjects that are likely to be compelling to your clients.

For instance, you might want to include posts on popular business deductions, changes to Canadian tax law, or similar concepts. While writing your blogs, sprinkle in a few keywords that your clients are likely to search for online.

To draw traffic to your blog, share your posts over social media. Ask your clients if they’re interested in receiving email newsletters, and if so, email interested people links to your posts.

Inbound Content Marketing: Guest Posts

On top of penning your own blog, offer to do guest posts for other websites. There is a range of websites eager to accept posts from professionals. Many sites post their submission guidelines, and if you can’t find those guidelines, just reach out to the website administrator using any contact information you can find on the site. Let the administrator know you are interested in writing a guest post and include your credentials. To increase your chances of success, review the site and try to pitch an idea that hasn’t already been covered. Generally, you get to include your byline plus a link to your website with your post, and that can help boost your visibility to potential clients.

Benefits of Content Marketing for your Accounting Firm

Improve Website Traffic: Content marketing increases your visibility online and on other third-party platforms like social media. This will increase traffic to your website and thus increase your chances of being found by your target audience.

Increase Visibility to Potential Clients:  Content has the power to bring potential clients in from search engines. Doing proper SEO research and understanding what your target client needs will help you build a content marketing plan that will turn readers into clients. Also, having a content marketing strategy will help you target your posts to targeted clientele instead of everyone on the internet.

Build Authority: Having strong content associated with your firm can help you build authority with your future and current clients. Valuable content that offers insights and knowledge helps build trust, and shows that you are a leader in your industry. This can lead into providing webinars and workshops for your clients and will offer another revenue stream for your firm.

Build a Strong Reputation: Along the same lines as building authority, having a consistent content plan will help you in building a strong reputation. Most people use search engines to find local services, and having a strong online presence will help them find you sooner.

Content marketing can be a low-cost way to market your business. It helps draw traffic to your website, but beyond that, it also makes you look like an authority in your industry.

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