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How QuickBooks Online and TradeGecko work together

Inventory and Order Management for Modern eCommerce and Wholesale Merchants

TradeGecko is an advanced inventory and order management system that empowers wholesalers and online retailers to take control of their commerce operations. It provides advanced workflow solutions for businesses looking to expand, use multiple eCommerce channels (such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento), and are looking to grow their marketplace and sell using 3PL such as Amazon FBA.

TradeGecko integrates with QuickBooks Online to automate accounting processes, manage multiple warehouse locations, multiple currencies and eCommerce channels, so owners can concentrate on running their business, rather than spending countless hours on manually inputting data into QuickBooks Online.

How it works:

Sales and Purchase Orders

TradeGecko automatically synchronizes income/sales, purchases, payments, cost of goods sold, stock purchases, and inventory values with QuickBooks. When a sales order is finalized and invoiced in TradeGecko, the total amount on the invoice is immediately pushed to QuickBooks to create an invoice for payment. For purchase orders, the process is similar. Once you create an Active Purchase Order in TradeGecko, a bill immediately syncs to the QuickBooks Online account. Additionally, tax settings are imported directly into TradeGecko to ensure your records in both QuickBooks and TradeGecko are accurately synced.

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Returns and Stock Level

Credit memos are automatically created within TradeGecko when shipments are returned by immediately passing over a credit memo to QuickBooks. This minimizes tedious manual data entry and subsequent input errors. What’s more, TradeGecko sends an updated stock value once daily, summarizing all sales, purchases, and returns giving a real-time view into total Stock Value held as an asset in inventory.

Batch and Expiry Tracking

With TradeGecko’s Batch and Expiry Tracking, you can trace products through sales order records and speed up the recall process. This reduces discounting and spoilage while maintaining the optimal First in First Out method of inventory management. Like our other features, this information syncs to QuickBooks, so you have clear and accurate information in both cloud solutions.

Are you a good fit for TradeGecko?

If you’re an eCommerce business, wholesale business, or a hybrid of both, TradeGecko is an ideal order and inventory management software solution for your business. Our happiest and most successful customers manage finished goods, with less than 20K SKUs per month. If you’re looking for a solution to enhance your order and inventory management as well as accounting, TradeGecko integrated with QuickBooks Online is the solution for you!


Exclusive Promotion

To help support your business, TradeGecko and QuickBooks have partnered to offer first-time TradeGecko customers a 10% discount on TradeGecko’s Small Business, Business, and Premium plans for a one year term. This exclusive and limited-time offer is available until February 28, 2018. Sign up today for TradeGecko’s 14-day free trial and see how it can help your business!

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