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I can't find our W2 forms for 2017? Only 2018 are showing up.

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QuickBooks Team

Re: I can't find our W2 forms for 2017? Only 2018 are showing up.

Hi there, @andrewazz.


Thanks for joining the Community today. I'd be pleased to help share some details on how you can find your W2's for 2017 in QuickBooks Online.


QuickBooks Online only shows the information from previous years' filing history. This is the reason why you're unable to pull up your W2's for 2017. However, if you've archived your 2017 W2's, then you still have the option to pull it up again in the archived forms section.


Let me guide you how:

  1. Click on Taxes on the left pane.
  2. Select on the Payroll Tax tab.
  3. Under Forms, click the category of forms you want to view.
  4. From the forms category page, click View Archived Forms. All archived forms are displayed on the Archived Forms page.
  5. If you don't see the form listed, select a different category and form from the drop-down lists.

On the other hand, if you're unable to archive it, I'd suggest reaching out to our Customer Care Team. They have the necessary tools to pull up your account and provide you copies of your W2's. Please take note that the W-2 copies A & D isn't available for us. We can only provide the copies B, C & 2. 


This should get you pointed in the right direction.


Keep me posted if you have any other questions about W2's or anything concerning QuickBooks. I'd be happy to help. Have a great day ahead!