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Global max in add/edit multiple inventory parts

Why is global max not listed in the Available Columns in the Add/Edit Multiple List Entries? We have multiple locations turned on and we can only see site max, not global max, when we customize the columns. I'd like to be able to edit global max quantities for multiple products at the same time. 

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QuickBooks Team

Re: Global max in add/edit multiple inventory parts

Good day, @kaisersy,


It's great to see you here today. I can add some information about editing your products in QuickBooks.


At the moment, the option to customize the columns to add add the Global Max is currently unavailable. You can only add the Site where you want to edit the items or add the Global Reorder Point in the columns.


If you'd like to edit the quantity of your items under Global Max, you can open them one at a time then manually apply the changes. If you already created transactions using the item, you can edit the quantity using the Adjust Quantity on Hand feature. Here's how:

  1. Click the Inventory menu.
  2. Choose Adjust Quantity/Value on Hand.
  3. In the Adjustment Type drop-down, select Quantity.
  4. Update the Adjustment Date.
  5. Enter the Adjustment Account or Inventory Site.
  6. In the Item column, choose the items you want to adjust.
  7. Enter the updated numbers in the New Quantity field.
  8. (Optional) Enter a memo in the Memo field.
  9. Click Save & Close.

That should get you on the right track, @kaisersy. You may refer to this article to know more about adjusting item quantities in QuickBooks Desktop: Adjust Inventory Quantity or Value


I appreciate your time today. Should you need further help, please let me know by clicking the Reply button below. I'll be glad to get things figured out for you.