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Premier Desktop, Inventory and Barcodes

I want to purchase Quickbooks Premier Desktop

I need to be able to create barcodes for all my products, and be able to scan in the items when they arrive, and scan out the items when they are purchased (everything is made and sold in the same building) Can quickbooks premier do this, or do I need enterprise? All the tutorials for inventory/barcodes seem to be done one enterprise and need to know that premier will do all of this as well. 

Thank you! 

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Re: Premier Desktop, Inventory and Barcodes



You would need Enterprise with Advanced Inventory features to do the built in barcoding.  There are other apps and hardware that claim they work with ANY version of QuickBooks desktop using a custom field in all your inventory items for the barcode.


The only version of QB Desktop that has the barcode function built in though is Enterprise.

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Re: Premier Desktop, Inventory and Barcodes

I saw that premier has inventory cabilities- what does that mean then?
Does premier not make barcodes at all? 

Thank you 

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Re: Premier Desktop, Inventory and Barcodes

Hi there, @StephanieL.


Thanks for getting back on this thread. Allow me to chime in and help provide clarification about using barcode in QuickBooks.


All QuickBooks Desktop versions have inventory to keep track of your inventory and receive alerts when it's time to reorder and create purchase orders. However, using barcode is only available if you have the Advanced Inventory feature which is in the Enterprise version.


Let me include the following articles for your reference.


Turn on Advanced Inventory 

Use barcode scanning


You can try finding Desktop Apps that's previously mentioned by our established community backer @MJA66-87. Just ensure that it's compatible with QuickBooks Premier. You can search for the available 3rd party apps on this site: Apps for QuickBooks Desktop.



If you need any Help articles in the future, you can always check out this site:


Let me know if you have additional questions about barcode scanning. I'll be here to help.