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Transaction Report not in base currency?

Is it is possible to create a transaction report which shows the original transaction amounts as well as the base currency?


To explain further:  I have base currency of GBP.  We receive much of our income in EUR into a EUR bank account.  I need to prove that the figures in QB match the amounts on the income schedules (on a different system) which are in EUR.


How can I produce a report of the income debiting our EUR bank account and show it in EUR so I can match it to the other system?


Many thanks.

QuickBooks Team

Re: Transaction Report not in base currency?

Welcome back to the Community.


I have spoken with one of our Desktop specialists and they have advised with in some reports you will have the option to customise reports which should show in the top left of the report. From there you can add and remove filters some reports include different levels of customisation. If use on of the income reports you should have options for currency filters.


Please let us know if this helps resolve your report query.



Frequent Explorer *

Re: Transaction Report not in base currency?

Thanks for your reply.


On the one hand, I suspect this may help solve the issue if we invoiced our income but unfortunately we do not.  I know this sounds odd but the amount of income we receive is controlled by the stock markets and the number of trades a particular investment manager has made in a period and therefore, we just receipt the income rather than invoice it and receive payment.


I have just tried running a report in the sample company file and it does not have foreign currencies so I am not able to tell if this would help.


Having said this, as far as I can see the currency filter options will not help because it seems that will just mean I can choose to have only the transactions for, say, euros, show on the report.


What I need is to produce a report which show a column with the EURO amount as entered into the system (to match back to the income reports from the client) and another column showing the base currency amount (GBP) for the amount which the income will be shown at in the accounts.


Many thanks indeed.

QuickBooks Team

Re: Transaction Report not in base currency?

I have looked into this further for you with a member of our Desktop team, after looking at the reports available in the standard reports we cannot find one which could show all the information you are looking for with out running two reports. We think the best option will be to create a customised detail report where you will be able to select multiple options to show the information which you are looking for.


This will be the best way to get the results which you are looking to get from your QuickBooks Desktop data. Please let us know if you need any further help with your QuickBooks Desktop account.