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accidently deleted a deposit already reconciled

I accidently deleted one deposit on Sep and didn't notice untill I am trying to do the bank reconcile this month then found the beginning balance doesn't match my bank statement, how I fix it ? do I need to undo all previouse reconcile and enter the deposit again in Sep then redo the reconcile?

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QuickBooks Team

Re: accidently deleted a deposit already reconciled

Hello there, Cathypvc.


I appreciate you coming in to us for support. I can help you reconcile your account in QuickBooks Desktop.


Good news. If you have deposits that were accidentally deleted and you're trying to reconcile it, running a mini reconciliation in QuickBooks Desktop will definitely resolve your issue with reconciliation.


Depending on your situation, there are two methods to complete this process. For the first method, you can use an off-cycle reconciliation date and make sure you know the ending balance from the most recent reconciliation.


Otherwise, you can use the second method where it uses a date other than the most recent reconciliation and does not require that you know the ending balance from the previous reconciliation.


To learn more about the detailed steps for each method, you can check out this article: Reconcile previously deleted and re-entered checking or credit card transactions.


That's it. Please let me know if you need anything else or questions about this. I'm always here to help.