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Re: What Apps Help You Stay Organized?

I couldn't run my business without …


… SalesForce, my CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. I've been using it for over 10 years and it keeps all my client and project info safe and organized. Plus it integrates with everything else, like …


… Evernote, my digital brain. What used to be only on paper, now live in Evernote. Secure, shareable (if needed), searchable. Evernote can even read my handwriting and since I often use my Moleskine Evernote notebook to jot down notes - I'm with Gwénaël on that one - that's really important to me. 

A host of other apps, services and software programs help me, but the most incredible ones are definitely IFTTT and Zapier to automate the interaction of all of them. You can read more about how I solve the productivity puzzle on my blog - the link to it is on my QBcommunity profile page. Just search for 'Solving the productivity puzzle' once you get there. 


Oh and most of this happens automatically, just by taking a picture of a Post-It note: 


Productivity post-It.jpg

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Re: What Apps Help You Stay Organized?

The two I use the most is Onedrive, and Wunderlist.

Onedrive helps me be able to easily access all my files on my phone or computer.

Wunderlist helps me remember what I'm supposed to get done and reminds me when its supposed to get done. Smiley Happy