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Selling the Outdoor Experience? Buyers Know It’s Getting Crowded Out There




Did you know that over 60% of the land in the United States is privately held and largely unused? That’s just one of the surprising facts you can learn from, an online platform that connects landowners to campers. Think of it as Airbnb for fans of sleeping under the stars. But instead of listing private rental homes, Hipcamp lists private land for camping.  


Hipcamp aims to do more than just help people find a place to pitch a tent. The company’s parallel mission is to promote land preservation and conservation through peer-to-peer commerce. The intended audience? Wilderness lovers who like camping but despise crowded campgrounds. With interest in outdoor recreation soaring, the solitude and quiet of an untouched location is a prized commodity -- one that outdoor enthusiasts are willing to pay for.


The opportunity for enterprising entrepreneurs? Figure out how to give customers a rarified (or, at least, highly sought-after) encounter with the great outdoors. Research shows there’s already a solid and growing customer base in this industry, so now might be the perfect time to find your niche and offer an awesome, intimate and customized outdoor experience.


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QB Community members, in crowded markets how do you set yourself apart? Through personalizing client experience? Providing excellent customer service? Another way?