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Farrow Contractor
Level 1

Account closed

My account was closed without any warning or reason. I had money in that account. Where is it and why am I not getting it back?

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Level 10

Account closed

Sadly, that is what Intuit/ QB does.  

(Use the Search bar to see the threads about this)  

It seems to be, they will hold your money until they are legally obligated to release it. (Over 200 days from when they took it)  Then, you have to collect it from your state.  


Oh, and if you try contacting Intuit/ QB about it, you WILL get the runaround.  


Good luck.  

QuickBooks Team

Account closed

I understand how you feel right now, @Farrow Contractor.


I want to ensure you receive the finest care possible for your issue. We must therefore determine the main reason why the account is closed. To know how you can access it again, I'd recommend contacting our Payments Support Team to review the security of your account. To view the support hours and types, check out this article: Contact Payments Support.


Meanwhile, here’s an article you can refer to when utilizing QuickBooks Payments:



Know that the community is on your side. Feel free to leave a remark below if you need assistance with QuickBooks. I'll be right here to provide more assistance. Have a great day.

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